Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Monthly Scholarship Meetings Continue

Text and photos by Amy Scheuren

Guatemalan students have just passed the mid-year point of the 2015 school year and have received their second quarter report cards.  At Pop Wuj we continue to meet each month with scholarship families.  We are collecting report cards and monitoring progress.

In San Juan Ostuncalco we had planned to discuss family dynamics in July, however the topic of family planning as related to immigration came up organically so we went with it and will continue the discussion during the August meeting.

At the Llanos del Pinal scholarship meeting/Family Support Center mother's meeting we discussed family dynamics and parenting, breaking the mothers into small groups to discuss the topic and specific questions.

Also during the mother's meeting, we recognized the families that collected the most plastic recycling during the month of June.  Each month we recognize our most profilic recyclers at the Family Support Center.

August scholarship meetings will be held starting next week when we visit the rural communities again.

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