Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pacas, Clinics, and Scholarships!

In June we visited Chirijquiac for a mobile clinic, scholarship meeting, and paca (thrift store).  Students in the Medical Spanish Program and our staff doctors saw a total of 23 patients.

Luby, the Pop Wuj nurse, in the pharmacy

Pop Wuj students conducting triage

In addition we held a scholarship meeting with the families of the 13 scholarship students in Chirijquiac.  Second quarter report cards should be available for the July meeting.

Throughout the year, Pop Wuj receives many clothing donations which we distribute to families as needed.  In addition, we also open a "paca" (thrift store) several times per year during scholarship meetings or other project meetings.  We charge Q1 per item and it functions like a store on a first come-first served to avoid conflict.  The benefits of the paca go directly back into the scholarship fund.

We also opened a paca after the Xela scholarshp meeting at Pop Wuj in June. 

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