Monday, July 6, 2015

Medical Check-Ups at the Family Support Center

On Wednesday June 24, 2015 the Pop Wuj clinic staff and Medical Spanish students traveled to Llanos del Pinal for the "Control Medico" or health check up for all of the children and youth who attend the project.

Amy, with her mother, Lidia, in consult with Dra. Carmen Rosa

We took advantage of the mid-year school break and were able to see 38 of the 40 project participants, plus the young child of one of the staff members.  Everyone was weighed and measured and then BMI was used to determine nutritional status.  We also checked for lice (all clear!) and gave anti-parasitic medication to ward off any potential infections.  Finally, if the child was sick or complaining of any problems, they also had a full consult with one of our Guatemalan doctors.

Weigh, measure, check!

Jonathan in a consult with Dr. Fernando

Of the 38 children seen by the students and doctors, 29 are at a healthy weight and 9 are considered overweight.  Ten children and youth also received medicine or other treatment for a variety of illnesses and ailments, including joint/muscle pain, dental problems, skin problems, and intestinal problems.

We finished with a healthy morning snack for all of the kids!

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