Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Scholarship Meetings and Political Change: May and June, 2015

The topic of discussion in our recent scholarship meetings has been the unearthed corruption scandals and the surge in political protests in Guatemala.  Since April the news and social media have been full of corruption scandals and calls for the resignations of the highest in the Guatemalan government.  Thus far the scandals have included the SAT (tax office), IGSS (social security), and corrupt judges.  The peaceful protests continue all over the country, demanding electoral and political party reform.  With elections this September, it is a historical moment in Guatemala.

Given the political and social importance of the protests, resignations, and possible reforms, we have discussed the current events during our scholarship meetings in Chirijquiac, San Juan Ostuncalco, Xeabaj, and Llanos del Pinal.

Scholarship families during the June meeting at Pop Wuj

A few of the mothers in the Chirijquiac group
For a recap of the uncovered corruption, the resignations, and the protests, please visit: http://www.insightcrime.org/news-analysis/latest-guatemala-corruption-scandal-may-lead-to-president-resignation

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