Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Un Día de la Vida......A Day in the Life (of a Pop Wuj Medical Spanish Student)

Text and photos by Jessica Franks

The Pop Wuj clinic was busy as usual this past week. The summer months bring large groups of hard-working medical students, and the patients are forever grateful for their dedication. Below are a few photos of recent students in triage and pharmacy at the Pop Wuj clinic.

Don't worry, they still have some time to enjoy all of the sights and activities Xela  has to offer. On Saturday, June 7 a group of students accompanied Alberto, a Pop Wuj teacher, to Laguna Chikabal. The following Sunday was the playoff game for the Xela women's futbol (soccer) team. Unfortunately they lost in overtime to Guatemala City, but it was a great game and we cheered as loud as we could for Xela!

Preparing meds in the pharmacy.  
Students use the Timmy Global Health System's electronic medical records system to fill prescriptions. 
Current students are always helpful to the incoming med students each week. On the job training at its best!
At the triage station, students monitor patients' vital signs before sending them into consults.
Quick break at the pharmacy for a photo op!

Saturday fieldtrip to the beautiful Chikabal....
Still smiling despite the steep incline!

With Alberto as our fearless leader

Some ceremonial floral arrangements on the sacred lake.

Sunday brought a tough loss to the Xela women's soccer team in the final game against Guatemala City. 

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