Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Timmy Brigade with Butler University

Text and photos by Jessica Franks (except as noted)

We achieved another successful Timmy Global Health brigade with the help of Butler University. We were fortunate to have Dr. Meg back with us for this brigade.  We loved seeing her and her family back in action at Pop Wuj.  The brigade happened during the week of May 18 - 22, and we traveled near and far to the towns of Llanos del Pinal, Xeabaj II, Pujujil, Buena Vista, and our very own Pop Wuj clinic in Xela.

The students and faculty from Butler University had endless amounts of energy throughout the week. Their hard work and compassion were much appreciated by more than 200 patients which we saw over the course of one week! To learn more about Timmy Global Health and the international impacts of these brigades click here.

Day 1 in Llanos del Pinal, and the Butler students are ready for the big week ahead. 

Doctora Carmen Rosa welcomes the students and gives them an overview of the community.

Students discreetly work in some health education while coloring with the children.

Dr. Meg returned to Pop Wuj for the brigade and provided excellent care to her very captivated patient. 

Teaching the children the importance of hand washing.

And providing fluoride treatments to the children of each community.  

As always, the children adored Edmundo!

A patient in Pujujil receiving her first pair of glasses. 

Students first triage the patients, in which they measure their heights, weights, and vital signs.  
Triage on Friday in Xela. Photo by Amy Scheuren.

A quick stretch break at the farmacia.

Outside the clinic the children were enjoying themselves in the sunshine. 

Another captivated audience.  

The children were just as excited for the brigade as the Butler students. 

Everyone likes to fly, no matter what country you come from!

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