Tuesday, June 2, 2015

El Día del Árbol

Guatemala celebrated Arbor Day on May 22.  We recognized the day with a little bit of tree education and planting.  Because it's just the beginning the rainy season, the land isn't ready for large reforestation projects, however, we planted ten trees at the homes of three Family Support Center families.  The families will care for and tend the seddlings until the rains really start.

Approximately a dozen of Pop Wuj students and teachers headed out to Llanos del Pinal with 10 seedlings, including white pine, cipres, alder birch, and eucalyptus. 

First we talked about the types of trees we would plant today.
We talked about the trees and their uses.  Many of the children and teachers told us that they use the trees as medicinal plants.

Walking toward the homes where we would plant

Oscar, very proud of his white pine seedling

Amy and Amy planting the first tree of the day

Ismael watering the seedling

Guayo with his seedling

Planting another white pine

Chipping in to plant a cipres seedling

Planting an alder birch

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