Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Improvements and Repairs at the Family Support Center

Text and Photos by Amy Scheuren

Last week, Christian, a former Pop Wuj student contributed his handyman skills to the Family Support Center.  Christian and Gustavo, a Family Support Center teacher, worked together to build a wall between the recycling bin and the adjacent corn field.  The kids used to take the shortcut through the neighbor's cornfield and he was upset.  In addition Christian and Gustavo improved our recycling container, building a second level to hold additional bags of  plastic.  We re-used some of the materials that were previously part of the playground. 

The pathway and the recycling container before the work started.

The recycling piles up quickly and we did not have enough space in the container.

Gustavo, preparing to install the new wall.

The old playground materials that are available for reuse.

The new corrugated tin wall and the new and improved recycling container.

The space is much cleaner and more organized now.
If there's time this week, Christian will also work on roof repairs in the outdoor kitchen at the Family Support Center and add an extra support to the recycling bin.  Gracias Christian y Gustavo!

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