Friday, September 18, 2015

Mini-Fair in Llanos del Pinal

 Text and Photos by Albizael Del Valle

Last Friday on the eve of great celebration in Guatemala as the independence day approaches the Family Resource Center organized a "mini-feria" (mini-fair). Fairs are celebrated all over Guatemala during this season specially in Xela. However, there is not much celebrating going on in Llanos del Pinal where the center is located. This event was done by and for families and students who might not be able to attend or partake in the celebration of the upcoming week.

The event began with a civic act. The children with the highest grades carried both flags representing Quetzaltenango and Guatemala as they were escorted by eight other students also members of the honor roll. The Guatemalan national anthem and the unofficial anthem of Xela, "Luna de Xelaju" were sung by all in the room showing homage to their country and city. Carmen gave a few words on the history of Guatemala and a quick review on the past 194 years of Guatemala´s independence from Spain. She also reminded everyone their vision of not only empowering future professionals but also forming people who are good and responsible.

After Carmen left the stage the students were greeted by a familiar face, the famous Magician. The Magician astonished everyone in the room with his tricks and magic.

Then the fun continued...

 There were plenty of games to choose for both students and parents. Every winner had the opportunity to choose for themselves a prize. Not to mention the great food provided by the mothers of the community.

The Magician

Honor Roll Students 

One of the Games

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