Monday, February 22, 2016

Don't Put All Your Cascarones in One Basket (or in the hands of a six year old)!

Text by Robyn Nielsen, photos by Elizabeth Barnes

On February 9th, Pop Wuj staff, students, and volunteers went out to the Family Support Center in Llanos del Pinal locked and loaded with some 200+ cascarones (brightly painted confetti-filled egg shells) in celebration of Carnival. After carefully transporting the precious cargo on a fully packed chicken bus as if they were newborns and finishing some homework with the kiddos, the real fun began.

The tradition of cracking cascarones on each others heads did not fall short of expectation. Complete madness and trickery was in full swing shortly after handing out the eggs, with shells, glitter and confetti exploding everywhere. They say Carnival in Guatemala is a celebration mostly for children, but looking around it was hard to differentiate the adults from the little ones. Everyone enjoyed themselves equally. Unfortunately, glitter and confetti don't last forever (except for in my hair and shower drain) and we had to sweep up the beautiful mess before getting ready for snack time. It was great to see such big smiles on everyone's faces and do something a little out of the ordinary. Why can't every day be filled with glitter and confetti?

Super volunteer Dawn lista with all of the cascarones

Chicos in action

Hair Confetti

The calm after the storm

Professional sweepers in action! 

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