Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How to Build a Safe Stove

Text and Photos by Amalyah Leader

This week Robyn and I started our safe stove training. It is a project in which you get your whole body involved, carrying cement blocks, slapping on clay and cement, and placing each brick in its precise spot. I was completely dirty by the end but it was a very rewarding process and I enjoyed getting to know the family, Mynor, our stove engineer, and Robyn while we all worked together. 

Mynor is incredibly knowledgable, with a light humor, and he carefully instructed us on what to do, teaching us the small details and tricks.  One of the daughters of family was also a really great help as we built the stove.


We began by putting down cement blocks, measuring the length and width, being sure that it was exactly how we wanted it.

The next training day we set straight to work, mixing a bin of clay and a bin of cement. We placed the bricks while learning how to set them down so that they were perfectly even.  After putting in the cement and clay into each crack, we cleaned off the bricks so that you could see the beauty of the stove.

It is extremely important that the stove is constructed perfectly so that it functions effectively or else the work will be for nothing. Although I will need a lot more practice I am excited to be a part of this project as the stoves are so important to each family and the community and environmental as a whole. 

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