Thursday, July 24, 2014

All Fired Up for Stove Building! Fuel for Social Change

Another successful four stages of stoves were completed this week by our hardworking students and project leaders. The families for which they were built also contributed to the process. One stage two stove and two stage one stoves were constructed in Llanos del Pinal on Wednesday, July 16th, as well as a stage two stove built on Thursday. That's a lot of hard work!
First, we put the bricks in the pila so that they are wet. Wet bricks stick easier to the cement and clay mixes.
Mackenzie, Meghan, and Dorcas mix river sand, dry cement, and water to create a cement paste.
Sharon is measuring and marking one brick length around the stove to know exactly where to place the clay and cement.
Deanna helps pour water into the mix so that it's not too dry.

The photos from this day were taking at Don Emilio's house in Llanos del Pinal, where the stage two stove was built with this awesome crew.

Everybody helped out laying bricks for each level.

A beautifully completed stage two stove--what a wonderful team!

Pop Wuj continues with the Safe Stove Project as we are currently in the process of constructing stoves with 15 families. We started with this group of families in June and will complete the stoves this coming fall, carrying out our mission to fight respiratory illnesses in the rural areas of Guatemala.

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