Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Radishes for all! Rábanos para todos!

The crops in the vegetable garden at the Family Support Center are growing fast.  The red beets, chard, and radishes are doing well, however the onions are struggling.  Thursday afternoon was sunny and dry so we took advantage and set to work in the garden.  We have more weeding to do, but it seems that our slug problem from last year has diminished.  We're using onions and coffee grounds to deter their advance! 

Family Support Center kiddos, Pop Wuj students, and volunteers weed the garden.

The plan was just to weed a bit and see how our vegetables were doing in the garden.  However radishes mature quickly and on Thursday we found that the radishes were popping.  We decided to harvest them and add them to the afternoon snack.

Selvin and Adam harvesting the radishes

The first batch of radishes of 2014

Leti, Norma, and Julio helping to wash the radishes

The kids helped weed and harvest and then we gave the leaves to the chickens and the unwashed radishes to Doña Silvia.  Doña Silvia washed and prepared the radishes before we handed them out to the kids as part of the Thursday afternoon snack.

Doña Silvia

This is about as fresh as vegetables can be! 

Yadira with her radish

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