Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Successful Stage of Safe Stoves in Llanos del Pinal

On Wednesday, June 2, three groups of Pop Wuj students, teachers, and coordinators bussed out once again to Llanos del Pinal to take on the construction of safe stoves in families' homes.

Richard and Katherine mix the clay with their hands.

The bricks need to be put in water until the bubbles stop rising so that they stick better with the cement and clay.

Alexa mixes cement with a trowel.

Sharon and Alberto discuss the leveling of the bricks.

Alexa fills in any holes, making sure all the cracks are sealed with cement.
This project remains one of Pop Wuj's most impacting and important projects as respiratory illness is the leading cause of death in Guatemala (CDC). Many Guatemalans use open fires in their homes resulting in fatal respiratory illnesses. The people who suffer most from respiratory illnesses in Guatemala are the mothers who cook over open fires and the children they carry on their backs.

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