Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

A couple weeks ago, the Family Support Center had their annual Mother’s Day gathering. Once again it was a hilarious, fun-filled day of love and appreciation for all the great mothers out there. 

Unfortunately mom number 1, Carmencita, could not make it for the celebration, so it was left in the hands of her trusty compañeras.

The day started a little behind schedule because on arrival all the moms headed straight to the kitchen help make all the tamales for the cena (dinner) later on. And no matter how much one tried you couldn't drag them out until all were made. It really does prove there are just no rest days for the ever hardworking mothers in Llanos del Pinal. Once we finally got the ball rolling, it was full speed ahead.

We started with some lovely words from Gustavo, followed by a gorgeous chicken dance and song from the little ones. We had some emotional words (sign language) from Damaris. A dramatic and very comical dramatization by the middle aged kids was followed up by a dance by the older girls. Afterwards it was the mothers turn for some lighthearted fun, and thus began the competitions. As always, a few required a fair bit of encouragement to get involved, but once up, you couldn't stop them laughing and joking. We had the egg beating competition, the drink chugging, the balloon popping, the tail pinning, and the lemon and spoon race (a new take on an old favorite) amongst others. Very surprisingly, every mother happened to win a prize!

Once we had all calmed down from the activities, the kids presented their mums with presents, cards, and great big hugs, before we settled down for a lovely meal of pepian chicken and of course those hard-earned tamales. Another lovely Mother's Day complete!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!!