Friday, May 30, 2014

The Vegetable Garden--Growing Again!

Another big outdoor project--the vegetable garden--was worked on in May. 

Along with brothers Edmundo and Hugo, Jack, and Gustavo, several Family Support Center kids tilled and prepared the garden for vegetables. We decided to plant chard, radishes, red beets and onions.

Rebuilding the beds

 Jack, Edmundo, Hugo, and a few of the kids cleared the soil of rocks and garbage.

Jack, Edmundo, and Hugo after finishing the prep

The following day Jack and Carmelina traveled to Almolonga to buy the starts and seeds.  We grow radishes from seed, but bought plantitas of chard, red beets, and onions to transplant to our garden.

Seeds, starts, and the prepped beds

Jack and Gustavo, a teacher at the Family Support Center, organized a work party among Family Support Center participants and planting was completed right before the Mother’s Day celebration. Now the rains will water the garden and we expect to have fresh, healthy vegetables for the children in the near future.

Big sisters make the best supervisors

Many of the kids were very excited upon learning of the continuation of the vegetable garden. It will tended for with care by everyone.

Gustavo, helping some of the kids plant chard.

The food produced by the vegetable garden will offset the food budget for the Family Support Center.  Monday-Friday the Family Support Center serves a hot lunch and two snacks to 41 children and youth.  Food is the second largest item in the Family Support Center budget, totaling approximately $9,200 USD per year.  To donate to the Family Support Center, please visit Foundation Todos Juntos.

Chard and red beets in the ground!

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