Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jornada Médica! Another successful medical brigade with Timmy Global Health

Last week saw other successful Timmy Global Health medical brigade visiting Pop Wuj and many of our beneficiary communities. The brigade from Butler University in Indiana, consisted of five qualified doctors, two pharmacists, four translators, and a hoard of eager helpers from many different pre-med backgrounds. Also contributing to its success where many of Pop Wuj’s own highly competent Medical Spanish students!

The brigade managed to distribute extremely valuable medical care to around 385 patients, in five impoverished communities, involving three Mayan languages, across two different departments of Guatemala, Many of these patients would have no access to any form of health care without the outreach of Pop Wuj and the assistance of Timmy Global Health.
Dr. Hugo and Ashley with a couple of patients and Timmy volunteers.

Throughout the week patients were treated for everything from sore muscles to severe mastitis, from cataracts to ovarian cysts, from liver disease to diabetes, amongst countless other aches, pains and illnesses.

The brigade began its week on Monday in our very well-known community of Llanos del Pinal. There they managed to see around 75 patients, many of whom are or have been involved in many of our other projects including, the Family Support Centre, safe stoves, environmental projects, scholarships, and nutrition. Thus maintaining and strengthening not only the health of the patients but also the existing links and relationships.

Xeabaj elementary school come medical clinic.
Tuesday we headed to the K'iche speaking Xeabaj in Sololá. As many in Xeabaj so not speak nor understand Spanish, we had to bring along another 11 additional translators to translate K'iche to Spanish, before it could be translated to English for the doctors. Despite these extra difficulties the day was once again extremely successful, assisting around another 80 patients.

Wednesday saw the brigade return to the department of Sololá, where they knocked out another 80 odd patients in the Kaqchikel community of Pujujil.

Timmy group unloading the vans before a busy day of clinic.

Thursday they were in Buena Vista the Mam-speaking community not too far from Xela. There they worked in the house/midwifery center of Doña Ana, a long-time partner of Pop Wuj. As always this was an especially busy day, treating over 90 patients.  However we have a strong group of nine Pop Wuj students from the medical program adding their medical expertise to the organised chaos that are the Timmy Medical brigades.

The ever busy pharmacy

On Friday the busy week was wrapped with an expanded clinic in Xela.  The group left Xela, worn out, but all with great big smiles and leaving behind many healthier patients.

Thanks to everyone who made this past week such a huge success!

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