Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kung Fu at the Family Support Centre!

In March/April this year, the Family Support Centre was lucky to have the help of volunteer Chris Wallace who was also a Pop Wuj Social Work Spanish student.  On his last day as a volunteer, he treated the kids to a Kung Fu class.

Getting started

Everyone headed outside to enjoy a Kung Fu class in the sun

The opening of and welcoming to the Kung Fu class:
Chris managed to have all the kids' (and adults'!) undivided attention.

The welcoming included shouting out 'Merry Christmas' and
'Happy New Year' with the point being that everyday should be revered as a celebration.

The class started with some stretching of the arms...

And moved on to leg stretching...

Followed by some lunges...

And even deeper lunges...

After the stretching, everyone was warmed up enough to start doing some Kung Fu kicks.
Here the kids are watching Chris's demonstration and lining up to prepare to try it themselves.

Kung Fu kicking in action

The kids loved the class and even had a few laughs.

The kids enjoyed trying out other Kung Fu moves as well.

After the class, Chris gave a demonstration which the kids stood back and watched in awe.

It was great to get the kids out and exercising and the kids loved the class.

Thanks for all your help Chris!

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