Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nutrition Meeting in Buena Vista, May 2014

On Wednesday May 7th, Pop Wuj staff, Medical Spanish students, and coordinators packed the van and headed to Buena Vista.  Twenty mothers and their babies, ages 6-24 months, attended the monthly meeting.  

Carmen welcomes the mothers and children to the monthly meeting

The mothers and babies filled the room at Doña Ana's house/clinic in Buena Vista.
Family planning skit with Monica and Amy

As always, we started with education, focusing on family planning and prenatal care.  Pop Wuj Medical Spanish students and Pop Wuj's coordinator acted out an skit between a midwife and a mother while another student provided reminders about healthy prenatal care.  Seño Luby, Pop Wuj's nurse, conducted a demonstration about the correct way to use a condom.

David shares information about prenatal care.

Luby demonstrates how to use a condom.
Following the education, all of the babies were weighed and measured.

Swinging scale!

Measuring length is a lot less fun

Measuring head circumference

The mothers then met individually with the Pop Wuj doctors for a nutrition consult to monitor the children's progress.

Nutrition consult with Dr. Carmen Rosa

Nutrition consult with Dr. Sammy
This month one child graduated from the program at normal weight and size for a two year old.

Finally the mothers received a month's supply of NutriButter (fortified peanut butter supplement) for the babies, children's vitamins for the other children in the family, prenatal vitamins, three pounds of Incaparina, and condoms.  The next meeting will be held in Buena Vista in mid June.

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