Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Party Like It's Your Birthday!

By Lily Bodinson
Photos by Jeff Leventhal

Every three months we throw a birthday bash at the Family Support Center. This time, we celebrated those with birthdays in October, November, and December.

Yadira, getting ready for her turn with the piñata

A blindfolded Wilson

General piñata destruction

Pop Wuj staff and volunteers spent the week preparing for the party. While several students shopped for piñatas to donate for the event, others headed to La Democracia market to buy the goodies to put inside. We opted for candies, chocolates, and peanuts! Meanwhile at the school, Lily and Amy picked out gifts for the birthday kids and assembled goodie bags for everyone as Emma baked three big cakes - chocolate, vanilla, and lemon! It was a real team effort!

The day of the party we arrived to the Family Support Center in Llanos and the party immediately got going! We started by busting out the piñatas!

The little kid scramble

The second piñata, with birthday girl Jenny

Erick's interesting technique

Chaos ensued after each piñata burst as everyone - adults included - scrambled to gather the goodies!

After pinatas, we sang happy birthday and ate cake! Chocolate was the favorite, though all were delicious!

Evelyn and Wilson

Johanne and Lily serving the cake

Last but definitely not least came the presents and goodie bags! A happy day for all indeed!

Anibal, Guayo, and Wilson enjoying the cake

Birthday girl Yadira with her gifts and a little leftover chocolate

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