Thursday, December 11, 2014

Water Games or Hunger Games?

By Lily Bodinson
Photos by Jeff Leventhal

Friday November, 27th was the last day for daily activities at the Family Support Center until January.  To celebrate, we held our annual Water Games...but we might as well have called them the Hunger Games, because once the water balloons started flying and the hoses came out, it was every man for himself.

Norma's intense game face first surfaced as she filled the balloons

Before we even started!
Colorful ammunition

The Pop Wuj volunteers and students staged the initial attack, sneaking up on the kids as they eagerly awaited the start of the games. Suddenly water balloons were being volleyed from all sides and no one was safe from the fray.

Wilson, making a break for it

Adam, picking on small children

When the balloons ran out after only a few minutes, I naively thought the games must be over and was proud to be mostly dry. The moment of peace was just that - a fleeting moment.  Moments later, it was the kids that surprised the volunteers, running full speed toward them with buckets and bottles of water.

Everyone was a target, even the FSC staff!

Lidia wasn't safe

Neither was Carmelina, but...

She got her revenge!
By the end of it, everyone was soaked head to toe, but couldn't be happier!  We changed into dry clothes and drank hot, sweet coffee in the sun to warm up.

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