Monday, December 22, 2014

Vacation Wrap Up

By Amy Scheuren
Photos by Amy Scheuren and Jeff Leventhal

Math, K'iche', and English classes continued throughout all of November at the Family Support Center. Given by volunteers and staff, the classes were intended to be fun and include games to reinforce what the students are learning in school.  Yahtzee was a popular game in math class as was action verb charades in English class!

The older kids, i.e. those 12 years and older, also had a few fields trips, including photography workshops and a trip to COPAVIC, a glass-blowing cooperative in Cantel.  Cantel is a nearby K'iche' community.  COPAVIC allows visitors to enter the factory while the men work, blowing glass and making glassware from recycled glass.

The scorching ovens that turn the recycled glass into liquid

A few of our j√≥venes even had the opportunity to try blowing glass!  The cooperative was funded in 1976 and provides work to 17 local artisans.  The best part was seeing how they work together to create the pieces of glassware.  We also passed through the store to see the final products of their work.

Erick, realizing that blowing glass is harder than it looks

Jacqueline also gave it a shot

Forming the glassware as it cools
Finally we had our annual pizza day.  The pizza activity has evolved a bit since the first time we held it over 7 years ago.  Now we make our own pizzas onsite--gluten-free as needed, hot dog toppings as desired.  We made enough pizza for 50+ people, including children, staff, and two volunteers who conveniently showed up just as the pizzas were ready to be served!

Lidia, preparing the dough in the indoor kitchen

A gathering crowd!

Erick, being quite helpful

We grated a LOT of cheese

Vacation fun ended on November 28th with our last day of regular activities.  Check out the blog  about the Water Games to see how it all turned out.

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